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(exhibitions in Sydney April and May 2022)

Meet the Covid Divas born during the second lockdown in 2021. The woman next door trying to stick to their glamorous standards whilst in challenging domestic "positions" – literally. These women were inspired by images found in magazines and online.

Their names reflect the hues and colours of the paintings, echoing with their mental status. They portray the boredom, angst, idleness, longing and bewilderment these lockdowns have cost us.

They are all painted on stretched canvas, in oil and acrylics on a spray paint background, with a white floating frame.
Miss Blue Version #2
miss Pasty version #2

merchandising sold  at the Manly market 

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Sonia Stewart is a French artist, painter and photographer, who moved from Paris to Sydney with her family in 2015. Her paintings consist mainly of women in a dazed and bewildered state, portraying their vulnerability, with sexual undertones. Her other subject at heart is conveyed through her two boys - contextualising Childhood and its associated angst and innocence.

Painting in mediums from China ink to spray-paint via oil and acrylics, Sonia loves most working in oil with its forgiving and voluptuous texture. But it’s with great delectation, for both her and the viewer, that she has also turned to the digital world, poetically assembling in 3D puzzles her candid photography with her sensitive paintings.

Sonart signature march 2022 copy.jpg
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Exhibition at

from April 13th to 17th
11am to 4pm
or by appointment from May 18th to 27th


Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 17.54.12.png

109 Sydney Road - Manly

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Heather 0414961748

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