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Born in Versailles France


​1992 Paris/NY

- Baccalauréat certificate in languages and philosophy - - - Move to NYC as an au pair

1993 New York

- Bass guitar lessons at the ‘New School’

- International Economics and Politics classes at the NYU (‘New York University’)

​1993 - 1995 Paris

- Sorbonne Nouvelle University- degree in applied foreign languages: Spanish and English linguistics and civilisation

​1996 - 1998 Paris

- Degree in corporate and consumer advertising and communications at Paris School of Advertising

​1998 - 2001 Paris

- Executive copy writer and translator at

- Account exec and manager at Bozell and Marketing drive international

2001 - 2005 London

 - Account manager and acct director in London at Bates and Publicis, 

2006 - 2010 London/widford

- Mum

2011 - 2015 Biot (Nice France)

- Art classes 

- Self employed photographer 



- Dad gives me his Olympus reflex camera

1988 - 1992

-  Internship at a photographer’s studio,

- Days photographing Paris and portraits of my friends.

- Days and nights spent in the high school dark room.

- Random portrait pencil drawings


1991 - 1993 

- Blitz  love for all bands produced by 4AD, the London based music label and shock graphic awakening with their designer Vaughan Oliver's work,,, source of my love for calculated asymmetric beauty.. 


- Move to NY at the age of 18 as an au pair, I

- Spend free time replicating Vaughan Oliver’s style composing, making collages, with my own photographs and whatever material I find, typographies, faces, pictures, cut outs from magazines (Ray Gun, the VillageVoice etc).

- Write miles of journal pages and lengthy correspondence with my shoegazer friends back in France.

- Relentless photography of the exhilarating city that never sleeps and portraits of the children I look after.


- Back to Paris starting Uni, doing what I know: languages (to realise later it wasn't all I knew 🙄.) 

1994 - 2005

- Copy writer and translator parallel to studying for my communications degree.

- 2001 Move to London, account director at Publicis till 2004,  centralising international campaigns from London and working between London, Paris and our NY office.

- Spend a lot of time watching and learning from creatives how to use Quark Xpress and photoshop,,

- Frantic reading and writing of an unpublished novel and poems.

2004 and 2007 London and Paris

- I meet my Australian husband in London and settle down in Paris as a blessed mother of two.

​2005 - 2010

- Between Paris and London. My husband gives me my first digital camera before our first son’s birth.

- Goodbye to film.

- Join the inspiring and generous community of, social and artists media and finess my photography and photoshop skills..

- First solo exhibition in the community hall.


- Move back to France in medieval village Biot near Nice. 

- Start my own photography business (Portraits, kids birthdays, political campaign, and community) - Produce and sell my own merchandising with prints of my photographs to sell them in private fairs and markets.

- Meet Miri, my German artist, teacher friend.  She insists on teaching me painting and inspires me deeply. I re-discover the paintings and painters who have subconsciously guided my artistic eye, among which my master Egon Schiele

- Disparate exhibitions of paintings and photographs in local galleries. and community centers.

- Miri's encounter proved to be the most cathartic friendship in my life, paving the rest of my artistic path.

2015 Sydney

- Our family moves to Australia and lives the dream.


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